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Bambi Girl

December 30, 2014

One balmy summer night, Giullia rides with my sisters and I back home for a sleepover. We braid each other’s hair and eat lots of sweets while we watch random shows on television and tell each other random stories. The next morning, I am inspired to shoot. So I dab white bohemian dots on her face and we head out to a little grassy corner at the end of our street. As I look at Giullia through my viewfinder, I see a fresh-faced, genuine girl — on the inside even more than she is outside, really. Twenty minutes in and little droplets of drizzle start to fall on our skins. It was time to head back home.

giulliaxchiara2giulliaxchiara3 giulliaxchiara4 giulliaxchiara5giulliaxchiara1

Photography, styling & make-up by yours truly
Modeling by Giullia

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