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October 6, 2014

maybe if i run faster, time will too.
in time i will be elsewhere. but not today.
today is today. everyday the same way.
i swerve and i weave, tumbling and fumbling,
dancing with trees and whispering to the breeze.

i laze around, the sun on my skin.
summertime sweat trickling down my neck,
like dews that silently hit the ground from rain-soaked
leaves and twigs, florets and blossoms.
sometimes all of it is still unreal. like child-like stories
i used to hear from my mother,
of full moons and happiness and life.

the birds often ask if i am happy.
i say, i am, i am, what else can i ask for?
this home is full and thronged with good.
all around magnificent creation abounds with life,
breathing like a banging and beating of the thunder
and lightning on days the skies are wretched and merciless.

she sends her sorries on daybreak,
a gift of ornament that fills the sky with with blue and pink,
and green and yellow. an arch of elegance.
do you see how vivid and pure the skies are? the jaded grass by the riverside of cyan,
like flowing mirrors that reflect all the beauty of heaven.

when nighttime comes, the woods comes to life.
my hair turns into wildfire as all else settles for slumber.
i am tired, but i keep running,
chasing the petals and seedlings that say goodbye as they flee.
where will you go? can you bring me with you? i keep on asking.
they giggle and wave as they roll on by and away.

when the moon is high and my lashes are heavy,
i whisper, goodnight shadow, my only true friend.
in prayer, i praise the universe and the earth, all of creation
and the only creator.
thank you for the blossoming flowers. for colors.
for life.

in my sleep, i am a different me.
my soul feels bound and chained to this forest,
this home i watch over.
i patiently wait but i don’t know what for.
and then comes the perfect time,
the peerless courage,
and i run,
run away,
away from here.

and then i wake —


diwata1 diwata2 IMG_9484 diwata5 diwata6 diwata7 diwata8 diwata9


As featured in Katha Magazine’s September-October Issue

Photography and poetry by yours truly
Modeling by Lou Yanong
Hair and make-up artistry by Aria Ortega

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