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Louie & Jake

August 1, 2015

I don’t want to say much about this shoot except that this would forever be one of my favorites. Leaving home with only my camera, I had not a single idea what kind of shoot I was heading to. And for a person who can be a little bit obsessed with having control over even little details and an artist of dreamed ideas before bringing them to life, not knowing what to expect in a shoot felt a little bit unnerving. But as always, the Universe proves me wrong. Soonest I saw the girls in Markee‘s menswear sporting Aria‘s hair and make up in between all the classic beauty of Ash’s home, I felt my imagination come alive. Oh, the magic of letting go. And the power of throwing yourself out of your world of comforts. I’m in love.

louie&jake coverlouie&jake1 louie&jake2 louie&jake3louie&jake4 louie&jake5 louie&jake6louie&jake7

louie&jake8 louie&jake9 louie&jake10louie&jake11louie&jake_1213louie&jake14 louie&jake15louie&jake16louie&jake17louie&jake18 louie&jake19 louie&jake20 louie&jake21 louie&jake22 louie&jake23

Photography by yours truly

Couture & styling by Markee De la Cruz

Hair & make-up styling by Aria Ortega

Modeling  by Lou Yanong & Jach Manere

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