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Mermaids On Land

December 3, 2015

MERMAIDS by chiara mermaids_tgs1 mermaids_tgs2 mermaids_tgs3 mermaids_tgs4 mermaids_tgs5 mermaids_tgs6


mermaids_tgs7 mermaids_tgs8 mermaids_tgs9 mermaids_tgs10 mermaids_tgs11 mermaids_tgs12 mermaids_tgs13 mermaids_tgs14 mermaids_tgs15 mermaids_tgs16 mermaids_tgs17


mermaids_tgs18 mermaids_tgs19 mermaids_tgs20 mermaids_tgs21 mermaids_tgs22 mermaids_tgs23 mermaids_tgs24 mermaids_tgs25

I’ve never done anything but dream. This, and this alone, has been the meaning of my life. My only real concern has been my inner life. My worst sorrows have evaporated when I’ve opened the window on to the street of my dreams and forgotten myself in what I saw there.
I’ve never aspired to be more than a dreamer. I paid no attention to those who spoke to me of living. I’ve always belonged to what isn’t where I am and to what I could never be. Whatever isn’t mine, no matter how base, has always had poetry for me. The only thing I’ve loved is nothing at all. The only thing I’ve desired is what I couldn’t even imagine. All I asked of life is that it go on by without my feeling it. All I demanded of love is that it never stop being a distant dream. In my own inner landscapes, all of them unreal, I’ve always been attracted to what’s in the distance, and the hazy aqueducts — almost out of sight in my dreamed landscapes — had a dreamy sweetness in relation to the rest of the landscape, a sweetness that enabled me to love them.
I am still obsessed with creating a false world, and will be until I die.


Thank you for being patient spectators of Β all my wild imaginations I breathe life into. I promise to never stop.

So much fierce love, Chiara

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