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Role Play

November 5, 2014

I always find roleplaying quite interesting — how a person can be another just by simply changing clothes and moving in a different way. My model-friend Arielle is one of the simplest girls I know and yet she transforms into different kinds of characters for each set all in one afternoon. This is a little bit of a random experiment we did with a stranger-turned-friend Maria — playing around different kinds of concepts and colors, make-up and clothes, venues and personalities. We spend an entire sunny afternoon being silly and snapping pictures in between talking and laughing and gushing at the photographs we create together.


arielle2 arielle3 arielle4 IMG_7592_chiara vivid colors1 IMG_7616_chiara IMG_7519_chiara IMG_7330_chiara vivid colors2 IMG_7495_chiara vivid colors3 IMG_7797_chiara

Photography and styling by yours truly
Clothes are the model’s own
Make-up by Maria Diva, who was also my co-photographer
Modeling by Arielle Roces

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