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January 31, 2016

Two months without photography at all and I’m feeling good and still breathing. I can hardly believe how far off the work I do now compared to just about two months ago, my vocabulary stuck between apertures and curves and a wide array of vivid colors. I thought I’ll never stop. Today my mind whirls aroundย brand elements, value propositions, creating operational workflows and funny sometimes I find myself asking what on Earth I got myself into. But I don’t regret a single thing. I feel myself grow. I still feel that same purpose of touching other people’s lives as with when I was taking photographs only but I’m still me inside — in deep love with storytelling and creating. And I still really do those same things now, I’m just throwing all that love for a bigger something else for now.

Soon enough, I’ll get to share. But for now, some more photographs.ย This isn’t a story, more just portraits of Shannice. Her freckles are the most beautiful I’ve seen yet. Watch her transform before your eyes.

shannice1shannice2shannice3shannice5shannice6 shannice7shannice8

Model: Shannice Bishop

Make-up & hair: Diana Genota

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