A Superhero in Your Own Right

October 31, 2015

You have superpowers of your own, and it’s all about making wise, healthy choices.

superhero decisions

I swear it drives me insane just thinking of how simple it all should really be and how being conscious of our decisions and making wise, healthy choices can change our lives so drastically. It’s a fact. The individuals we are today and the life we are living are but fruits of all the decisions that we made for ourselves so far, nothing else. Everyday we make countless decisions, grand and tiny we barely notice them. All these little silent commitments, conclusions and resolves define our tomorrows and while it’s the biggest privilege in the world to have to be granted this free will, it’s also the biggest responsibility to use it in all the wisest ways we can.

As a little challenge for an entire week of your choice: carefully and consciously analyze your choice of actions each day, writing everything down as a record (look at any possible decision you have made — from what sorts of meals you decided to have for breakfast/lunch/snacks/dinner, if you were able to overcome spending unreasonable hours on social media, or if you responded back to people around you in the right way, so on) and then spend your Sunday evening looking back on this list and considering each action by asking yourself if you’ve made good, wholesome decisions. If not, what could you have done better? What could’ve been the smarter option? Add a new column to the right and carefully plan out your game plan for next time.

(To me that means eating yummy and less unwholesome food consciously and not out of cravings, spending less hours online so I can have more time spent working towards my goals or talking to people that I actually care about and treating everyone that I interact with, stranger or not in the kindest, most caring way possible. But we’re imperfect and we’ll never get things done perfectly.)

But remember, it’s all up to you! Your body, your mind, your heart, your determination — your own decisions. The truth is we won’t ever feel like we’re getting every single decision right, moreso should we expect we’ll ever reach perfection. Like all else in this world, the journey is the deal breaker. What’s important is that you wake up every waking day doing your best to be the best for yourself and for other people.

Just trust me when I say getting used to this little habit does miracles. Give it a go by downloading and printing this free little worksheet I call Detour or create a similar one for yourself.

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